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"Forget traditional selling. Today selling is about educating and building trust"

"Our ability to succeed as individuals and as organisations, relies heavily on our skill to sell our ideas and dreams to whomever it is we are engaging with. At times like these with increasing competition and more demanding customers, it is of paramount importance to have the ability to maintain moral high, attract quality leads and convert them to actual sales at a high and consistent rate"


My journey begun at my early stages as a young sales person, when I first begun attending sales and marketing seminars and have come to realise that all we were being taught were outdated theoretical concepts. That was my wake up call. That's when I decided that by combining a strong academic knowledge, with my successful track record in Marketing and Sales, I was going to put together realistic and challenging programs that will enable modern sales people and marketers to achieve success in today's and tomorrow's dynamic fields of Marketing & Sales.

My purpose is to help as many individuals and organisations succeed in their goals by educating and training them in effective communication methods that are widely used in the fields of Marketing, Sales and Leadership Management. Through my years of working as marketer and later on as a top sales performer, I have discovered and contested numerous techniques that are being used today to help achieve the desired results. Many of the "Golden Rules" of marketing and selling have become irrelevant to changing times and new technologies, so it is time to rethink a lot of old concepts and not be tied down by them.


If you have been waiting for a sign of better and brighter days to come for you and your business, this is it! Click to get in touch with myself and take control of your business, success, happiness and growth. Learn how to communicate effectively, set and attain your goals, and how to move further along in your professional career, in your business, and your life.

Should you decide to work with myself, you are kindly advised to leave behind any old outdated concepts about sales, marketing and leadership, and join me with an open mind to the new ERA of effective COMMUNICATION and SUCCESS! 

Professional Background

Academic Background

Other Qualifications

  • Certified Trainer 

  • Head of Marketing & Sales

  • Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • MSc Marketing

  • BA Management Studies

  • Google Ads Display

  • Google Ads Measurement

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