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Digital Marketing: Content is No Longer King!

This is an expression that has been misunderstood by marketers and brands. Not all content is King, and it doesn't mean that the more random content you create, the more attention your brand will receive. Creating random noise often, is far less effective than creating targeted and impactful noise at different times.

Content is King, only when content is strategically designed, crafted, and delivered for maximum reach or results. So, what separates good content from bad content? The answer, is that good content delivers on its objectives! If you are creating content just for the sake of creating content, then you have got it all wrong. Content needs to be meaningful, useful, and above all... serve a purpose.

This purpose is what we refer to as "media objectives". When designing content, you need to make sure that it is designed in such a way, so that it fulfills one of the following objectives:

  1. INFORM: Informative content is delivered in order to educate (or provide information) an audience /public on a preferred topic/subject/issue. It can be delivered via almost all digital marketing channels and if carefully constructed, it can easily reach audiences and pass on the information in a way that the message is delivered as indented.

  2. ENGAGE: This is media content that is designed in order to get audiences to act in a certain way. They can engage via commenting, replying, sharing, tagging, liking... and so on, based on the channel that the content is delivered through. By creating engagement you show that you are all about involvement, and that you value your audiences reactions/opinions. People that feel they can actively engage with your brand, will more likely be loyal customers, as well as brand advocates.

  3. CONVERT: This is media content specifically designed to drive audiences into the purchase (or purchase path). It can be a call to action, but generally it is media content that ultimately creates a sense of urgency. Like with all content, this one has its own purpose... and that's to ask for the sale.

Note that when designing content or delivering content , it should never be at random. If you want to deliver specific messages and elevate your brand, content should strategically be designed to deliver on one of the above mentioned media objectives. Carefully constructed content, with intent and meaning, is more likely to reach the audiences and deliver on its purpose.

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