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Selling Fear: COVID19

We are visual creatures. That means that our mind will immediately try to convert information into images, for our better understanding, and that is done so subconsciously. When we hear of something that happens, we immediately try to visualize it, the way we perceive it, and this is an automated process, one of which we have no control over as it happens in the subconscious part of our brains. (Kahneman D, 2011)

The purpose of this article is to explain and make you aware that even in times of crisis likes these, we need to understand that we are being sold to. By accepting and understanding that the media, the government, our peers, society, are all trying to sell something to us, and what that usually is, is FEAR... then we can make more educated, critical and cautious decisions about the matters at hand.

Take this example: If you are told that your chances of winning the lottery are 0.0001% to win it, would you still play? Would you be reluctant to do so? Would you be more skeptical about it? The reason that lottery companies never share percentages, is because it's difficult to convince on a percentage. Instead, what they do is tell you that you can be "the one" winner out of a million ! Once you hear that, you immediately start visualizing that "the one" is you! You think of how you would look winning, what cars you would buy, houses, what holidays you would take, and so on! You can comprehend and picture that you can be the "one", but not that you could be the "0.0001%". Whole numbers, stir up your emotions, and push you towards a favorable decision, unlike the percentage, even though the odds of you winning are exactly the same.

Now picture this: You are being told, that for every one hundred vaccinated, one of them could have possible side-effects ! Immediately, what does your mind do subconsciously? We believe, that we could be "the one", and in the process of doing so, we visualize of these side-effects, the worst possible outcome happening to us! To emphasize our visual of the worst case scenario, the media keeps showing of the "the one" out of a hundred who had side-effects, or even worse, the "one" (an even smaller percentage) who passed away (without much context or further information to their situation).

To make it simple, if someone wants to show you favoritism for taking the vaccine, they will discuss ratios. On the flip side, anyone who is against it, will discuss of whole numbers, will discuss of the "one", or multiple "ones", and will attempt to make it as vivid as possible for your imagination. This is sales 101, and is being used on us daily!

This article is not an attempt to influence or persuade anyone reference the situation we are all facing. It is clearly a sales strategy & tactics article, that couldn't be anymore relevant than it is with current events. We all make our own decisions. My goal is to equip you and make you aware of when you are being sold to, and what you are being sold in! My one advice in all this, is to not take things at face value, and be critical of what you see, what you hear, and how it is presented to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have found this article useful and helpful. Any and all feedback is welcomed.

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