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The One Skill needed for the New Year!

The one skill needed in the New Year, that is a guaranteed must have skill in order to be able to progress, move forward, advance and attract success in your life, is the ability of human communication & the ability to connect. In other words, the ability to sell !

Contrary to popular belief, selling has different meanings, not simply bound to products on services. It is the ability to communicate in such a way that whatever it is you are saying, both makes a logical sense, and creates a desire for it! Now think of how this can be used, the extent to which you can use it, the different ways it can affect your life, if only you could communicate in a way that both shows rational, and creates a desire for what it is you are saying !

For business purposes, the ability to sell goes beyond simply purchases and numbers. It is essential to be able to sell your ideas for the business, communicate effectively to your staff, team members, external partners. Selling is directly related to your ability to "Lead" effectively, since Leadership is about communicating your vision and creating the desire for people, employees, to want to work with you, to follow that vision!

In your personal life, the ability to communicate effectively your thoughts, can create the desire for people to hire you, to date you, to want to be friends with you, and to also seek your advice! People who can effectively communicate tend to be trusted more, which opens doors, and creates opportunities. It increases your confidence and that resonates both in your talk and walk.

Success in business or personal life, is not luck nor coincidence. It is a numbers' game. The more doors that open for you, the more people you engage with, the more seeds you plan, the more likely the chances are for you to succeed ! Think of selling not in the traditional "purchase" definition, but in the wider narrative in the context of business and everyday life, and work in improving or acquiring this skill, which will bring you one step closer to success!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. All comments are welcomed, so leave yours below.

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