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5 Phrases to avoid in sales !

These are five phrases that we use daily, whether voluntarily or involuntarily that have a tremendous effect in closing deals. As times change though, these words/phrases now have the opposite effect of what they were intended for, as they trigger the defense mechanisms in customers minds.

  • "To be honest": This is the most popular and common phrase used by sales people and it is one that I had to really try hard in order to stop saying. The reason we use this sentence, is to show that we want to be sincere, as honesty is something courteous. However, it actually has 2 negative effects: One, is that it negates everything you have said before hand, as if you haven't been honest up until that moment. The second negative effect is that when usually we say this, then the first words that come after "Let's be honest..." are not honest words! Customers can pick up on that, so avoid using the "Let's be honest" phrase at all costs!

  • "Contract": Stop using this word. It is a heavy and strong word, and especially to new customers who are still in the sales process, it can be intimidating. Instead, if you want to nudge the customers to closing the deal, change the word contract, with words like "agreement" or even lighter words, such as "paperwork". It would look something like this: "Shall we get the paperwork out of the way?" , or "Shall we proceed with the agreement?". With this phrases, you are giving the sense that we need to get these out of the way, as unpleasant as it may be, so we can get to the exciting part, which is you getting the product or service you wanted.

  • "Asking price": This works against you, all the time! By labelling your price as "asking" it also means that you have a "final" price. You are conditioning the potential customer to ask for a discount! Instead, just get rid of the word "asking" or "advertised". You should be saying "The price is X.", in a firm and assertive tone. No wiggling there.

  • "This is a good deal": The word "deal" sounds cheesy and suspicious. Who gives deals? If you want to show the potential customer that this is a great deal, then simply rephrase it to "This is a great opportunity" ! Everyone loves opportunities, but people can be skeptical about wonder "deals" !

  • "Would you like to buy this?": Even though it sounds as common sense to ask a customer if they want to buy something, still this can be phrased in a much better way, so that it doesn't sound as if you are trying to push them to buy! If you are asking them to buy, it means that you are selling to them, and no one likes to be sold. Instead, a very welcoming and inviting way to ask them if they would like to "buy", would be to simply ask them "Would you like to have this"?

The secret in effective sales communication is to try to differentiate yourself from all the cheesy - cheeky old school sales people out there who come across as pushy, using cliché words and terms to get the deal done. Rephrasing your words, and avoiding saying certain words that trigger the defense mechanisms in customers, is what will set you apart from the rest of the competition, and will make people love to do business with you!

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